Egypt: Faith After the Pharaohs

After thousands of years of worshiping multiple gods, how did the devotion of the one God of Christianity, Islam and Judaism come to dominate western world? The answer to this question is surely not a straightforward one. Yet the British Museum’s winter exhibition attempts to tell this narrative through the lens of a single nation: Egypt.

Egypt: Faith After The Pharaohs may be restricted to a single location, but its scope is huge. It tracks 1200 years of history, from 30 B.C. when Egypt became part of the Roman Empire, to the end of the Fatimid period when it was firmly under Muslim rule. In the process, the exhibition recounts how Egypt went from worshiping many gods, to a Christian then Muslim majority population, whilst also living together with Jewish communities alongside.

2 Limestone

Seated figure of the ancient Egyptian god Horus, wearing Roman military costume, limestone, Egypt, 1st-2nd century AD © The Trustees of the British Museum 

Read the full exhibition review here.

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